BEGINNER LEVEL 2 – Lesson 22 for Teachers


ACTIVITIES: (Materials needed: glue, wax paper, construction paper, tissue paper)

  1. Review with the students what we have learned about the Holy Spirit. 
    • Teaches us 
    • Gives us words to say
    • Gives us joy, peace, and hope
    • Makes us stronger 
  1. Explain to the kids that today they are going to make a craft about what they have learned about the Holy Spirit. Discuss what a stained glass window is. Stained glass windows are usually found in churches and tell a story. Just like the Holy Spirit shines light into our life, a stained glass window allows light to shine into the church. Today we will make our own stained glass windows. You can use a word, a design, or something that represents the Holy Spirit to you.
  2. Activity directions:
    1. Precut the construction paper and glue it onto a piece of wax paper (see examples below). 
    2. construction paper for the students (see examples below). 
    3. Have them make a design and glue different colors of tissue paper in the middle.  Hang them in the light so the students can see how the light shines through. 


3. End class in prayer.