911 Hope House Initiative


The 911 Hope House is an innovative full-time care program to rescue single mothers and their children who are in highly vulnerable situations.

The 911 Hope House Project will begin with full-time care for eight mothers and their children in the 911 Life missions base in Medellin, with the future goal of expanding to include homes in other cities. 
The mothers are between the ages of 18-35 who have up to three children between the ages of 5-10 years old. Our professionally-trained staff will be available 24/7 to provide crisis intervention, psychological and spiritual care, nutritional care and education, skills training, and more.
All school-aged children will benefit from a fully accredited Christian curriculum through 911 Hope Academy, a virtual school we are running in coordination with Academia Homeschool. In addition to all of the core subjects, students will enjoy arts, sports, music, English, tutoring, and other recreational activities provided by our teachers. They will also receive emotional and psychological assistance from our trained professionals.

How We are Different

Many local programs exist which separate at-risk children from their parents, placing the children in substitute homes while the mothers are often left in trauma and with little hope of ever getting their children back.

While it is sometimes necessary to remove children from an unsafe situation, there are also many cases in which mothers simply need extra love, attention, psychological and spiritual care, job skills, etc. in order to get out of the dire situation in which they find themselves.

Our goal has always been to do everything possible to KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER while providing the care and intervention needed, and in 2014 the dream to offer a full-time intervention program for both at-risk mothers AND their children was born.

While the women’s and children’s programs we’ve run over the years have had tremendous success, they have also helped prepare us to take the next step of creating the 911 HOPE HOUSE!

Rooftop Terrace at the Hope House


  • PHASE ONE: The families move from their crisis situation to the Hope House for a period of approximately 6 months, during which they receive 24-hour care, love, support, counseling, and other necessary services. The children enter our 911 Hope Academy and Youth Center.
  • PHASE TWO: As the family heals, the mother enters jobs training in an area of interest, while continuing to receive the care and support needed. The children continue in the 911 Hope Academy and Youth Center. This phase lasts for up to 15 months.
  • PHASE THREE: Between 21 and 24 months after entering the 911 Hope House Project, the families transition into living independently as the mother financially supports her family.
Be a part of this innovative program and help transform the lives of women and children while keeping families together!