International Training
and Equipping Center

The International Training and Equipping Center (ITEC) is a practical missions school located in Medellin, Colombia, South America, which trains and equips believers from around the world in how to love, minister to, and serve those least valued by society
Previous ITEC students have had life-changing breakthroughs, deepening their relationship with God through an intimate understanding of the Father’s Heart. We host practical missions schools several times throughout the year at our facilities in Medellin.
Many genuine believers are simply not prepared to minister to others. They possess a deep desire to love the lost and broken, but lack the tools and confidence needed to do so effectively. Others may be looking to expand their ministry and want to enter into a deeper and more intimate relationship with God.
ITEC was birthed to meet these needs, and as we build into our students through teachings and impartations, as well as diverse opportunities for practical outreach, God performs miraculous restoration in their lives. This dramatically impacts students’ abilities to effectively minister to others not only in Colombia, but also in their own communities.
At ITEC we train believers to minister confidently through the presence of God and the impartation of His love. Students live together in a community atmosphere of faith and hunger for more of God. Activities include enriching training sessions, diverse and practical outreaches, passionate worship, faith-filled prayer, service to others, and a personalized weekly mentoring session
At ITEC, you will:
  • Deepen your relationship with God
  • Learn how to live in the presence of God 24/7
  • See healings and miracles first-hand as you pray for people
  • Receive and impart the Father’s love
  • Love the lost and rejected
  • Experience new levels of personal inner healing
  • Create lifelong friendships with other passionate, on-fire believers from around the world

If you believe God has more for you, and you’re unwilling to settle for less, come join us in Medellin, Colombia, and watch God work through you in ways you’ve never imagined!

**Your life will never be the same!**

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