911 Family

911 Family is a multi-faceted program which assists at-risk single mothers and their children in three main areas of attention: spiritual growth, character training, and educational/professional development. 

Woman of His Dreams

The Woman of His Dreams is a mentoring and discipleship program which builds into the women in our program spiritually, emotionally, and also economically through our 911 Entrepreneurship Program. These women learn marketable beauty industry skills which allow them to begin their own microbusinesses
Most of our courses have focused on beauty. However, these precious women don’t only learn about outer beauty. They discover the INNER BEAUTY that God has placed inside each one of them. This allows them to enter into a loving relationship with Jesus! 
Our professionally trained staff Psychologists meet with the families throughout the week. They pray with them, and assess the families’ needs and progress in our program

King’s Kids

While the mothers are busy learning about God through Woman of His Dreams, our staff cares for their children in a mentorship and discipling program. It’s designed specifically for these children to grow spiritually and emotionally!

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