911 Family

911 Family is a multi-faceted program which assists at-risk single mothers and their children in three main areas of attention: spiritual growth, character training, and educational/professional development. 

Woman of His Dreams

This weekly mentorship and discipling program allows us to build into the women in our programs spiritually, emotionally, and also economically through our 911 Beauty Certificate Program.

Our staff Psychologists meet with each family regularly to assess their needs and progress in our program. A special bonus is that the women also receive weekly English classes, which gives them an incredible economic advantage!

The Refuge

At 84%, Colombia has the highest rate of children born out of wedlock in all of Latin America! Many of these children are born to impoverished mothers who have been the silent sufferers of abuse and marginalization in a country that has a decades-long history of machismo and inequality. 

Our goal for 2021 is to be able to open a full-time care center. This healthy bilingual Christian environment in which the entire family receives room and board for up to two years will provide multi-faceted support for the family, while assisting the mothers to develop marketable skills which will allow them to earn a living wage and provide for their families in God-honoring ways.

 These women often find themselves in a vicious cycle which promotes unhealthy behaviors such as prostitution and involvement in drugs and gangs. Their lack of marketable skills and education prevent them from escaping the poverty and violence of their environment, while they continue to have the responsibility as the sole caregiver and breadwinner for their children.

This promotes a high degree of child neglect and puts the entire family at a high risk of abuse, involvement in sex trafficking, prostitution, gangs, and the illicit drug trade. It also puts the children at risk of being legally removed from the home and placed in the foster care system, which often results in the permanent breakup of the family.

Our hope is that The Refuge will be a safe place for these women and their children, providing restoration for the entire family in a Christ-centered environment. This is partly accomplished through strategic partnerships with existing educational and religious institutions, employers, and jobs training programs for the mothers, as well as through sports, arts, and educational programs for the children. Our interdisciplinary team is in close relationship with all facets of this program, addressing the holistic needs of the entire family. 911 Family helps create strong, self-sufficient families who model Christ-centered principles and passionately follow Jesus

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