911 Youth Center

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in Heaven always see the face of my Father in Heaven.” Matthew 18:10

The 911 Youth Center provides essential tutoring in math and language, as well as spiritual care and extracurricular courses such as English, Art, Sports, Music, and more. Our program is open to children ages 6 – 13 years of age, with one group in the mornings and another in the afternoons. The testimonies from this program are truly amazing, as the children have grown socially, spiritually, and educationally.
  • SOCIALLY: Those who were shy or who misbehaved are now active and productive members of class. 
  • SPIRITUALLY: The children from our center are now taking Jesus into their public schools! One teacher told us the 7-year-old girl from our center who is in her class now encourages all of the kids to give their troubles to God and pray to Him in a spontaneous and personal way!
  • EDUCATIONALLY: We have seen children who entered unable to read, write, or do basic math who are now able to do all of those things with speed and agility!
We are committed to the needs of every individual who enters our program, satisfying them in the best way possible through home visits along with psychological and spiritual care. The most important thing is that 911 Life is a place where people can learn about the God of the universe, who loves them and cares about the details of their lives!

English Classes

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