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“WORSHIP is at the center of everything we do at 911 Life. True worship is more than just praise and adoration. It’s pouring out God’s love in practical and tangible ways to those in need while training others to do the same in their own communities.”
Have you ever realized that your main purpose in life is to worship God? As a child of God, the very essence of who you are comes from a place of closeness and intimacy with Him, accomplished through worship and spending time in His presence. As you spend this time with God, you become more like Him, receiving His love and sharing it with others.
In the Bible, King David brought a new era of honoring God through a creative and organized outpouring of instrumental praise and worship. At 911 Life we believe that the best way for dramatic expansion of the Kingdom of God in individual hearts, neighborhoods, cities, and nations is through worship, prayer and encountering His presence. 
The 911 Worship Room is a place where believers from around the world can gather to worship God in creative and spontaneous song, prayer, prophetic art and dance. Join us in offering a sweet fragrance of worship and praise to the Most High God through regular periods of worship. What a privilege to be able to spend this dedicated time together with other believers!

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Composed by Abigail Atwater

Composed by Jonathan Sanchez

Composed by Alex Atwater

In 2019, 911 Life joined the global Burn 24-7 movement as Colombia's first Burn "furnace". In 2021 we hosted the first Latin American Burn Conference, with students from Colombia, other parts of Latin America, and the Middle East. Out of that conference FOUR new worship rooms were started, including one in Turkey! The heart of the Burn 24-7 movement is first and foremost, the passionate pursuit for the presence of God. We gather, regardless of denominational affiliation, to cry out to God night and day for an awakening in the church, an unprecedented global harvest of souls and the transformation of entire cities. We believe the Burn 24-7 is an expression and fulfillment of the restoration of David’s Tabernacle (Amos 9:11 and Acts 15:16).

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