911 English

Why English Through Storytelling?

Think of how information has been passed down through most of history. That’s right — through storytelling! Storytelling is an engaging and natural way to teach and learn English. You connect with the characters in the story, and follow their plight with interest as you learn English in the meantime.

Why Should I Take 911 English?

At 911 English, we wanted to do more than that. We wanted to provide meaningful Christ-centered stories that make our students think about the world and their part in it. This is exactly what 911 English provides: a fun, interesting, meaningful, value-driven, easy way to learn English online! On top of that, all of our English classes are free!

Who Are the Teachers for 911 English?

Our online English courses were created by an experienced native English teacher, and the online format allows you to access our high-quality lessons from any device 24/7. If you need to repeat a lesson, no problem. In fact, listening to the audios more than once will help you catch the pronunciation. Our teacher is from the Midwestern United States, which means this is the closest to a “General American” accent you’ll get!

How Do I Get Started?

All we ask is that you fill out the following form so we know who is taking our English Through Storytelling Classes! Then click on the link below and start learning English!

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