INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 2 – Lesson 9 for Students



  1. Review the different miracles and stories you have learned about.
    • Who performs miracles? 
    • Who performs healings? 
    • What are some of the miracles and healings we have learned about? 

2. Make a chart to go with all the healings and miracles. Save this chart for the next lesson (Lesson 10) 

Story 1: They did not have enough food to feed the thousands.  God broke the bread and it fed everyone more than they could have asked for. 
Story 2: Maria and Jose didn’t have food.  They prayed and asked God to provide for them and a neighbor brought them food. 
Story 3: A man was born blind.  Jesus heals the man and gives him his sight. 
Story 4: A boy falls off of the jungle gym and hurts his head.  His brother prays for healing and the bump goes down. 
Story 5: The young man was dead.  Jesus tells the boy to get up and he gets up. 
Story 6: A boy falls under the ice and is on life support.  His family prays and with the power of prayer, the boy survives. 

3. End class in prayer