INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 1 – Lesson 9 for Students


THEME: Loneliness

VOCABULARY: lonely, responsible, hang out, spirit, siblings

STORY: There is a young boy. His name is James. He is 13 years old. James lives at home with his mom, dad, sister, and brother. His mom and dad work a lot. They go to work before he goes to school, and often get home after he goes to bed. His brother is 9 years old, and his sister is 7. He has to make sure they get home from school safely and that they have something to eat. He makes sure that they do their homework and wash up for bed. Many times, James feels really lonely. He does not have time to hang out with his friends during the week because he is taking care of his siblings. This is hard for him because he wants to be a normal kid. He wants to be able to play soccer with his friends after school. He does not want to be so responsible. When he feels lonely, he goes to his room and reads. His friend Paul recently told James about the Bible. James decided to start reading it. Paul gave him this verse to read from the Book of James: James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”  Although James did not know the Lord, he found comfort in these words. He knows that God has a purpose for his life that includes more than being lonely. When James reads the Bible he feels differently. He feels that he has found a friend in the words that he reads.

  1. Review the Vocabulary Words .
  2. Listen to Audio 1  as you read the story.
  3. Listen to Audio 2 – Story with Questions as you read the story and answer questions.
  4. Think about the main theme of Loneliness:
    1. Have you ever felt lonely?
    2. What did you do to get over being lonely?
    3. Who is helping James?
    4. How can God bring us comfort? 
  5. Make a list of activities that people can do when they are feeling lonely. 
    1. read
    2. draw
    3. worship
    4. read the Bible
    5. call a friend.
  6. End the class in prayer.