INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 1 – Lesson 33 for Teachers


THEME: Weather and clothes 

VOCABULARY: winter, summer, fall, spring, hot, sunny, cold, snowy, windy, cloudy, rainy

clothes: jacket, pants, shorts, shirt, bathing suit, sweater 


  1. Teach the students the Vocabulary Words for weather and clothes. 
  2. Have the students match the clothes with the season. 
  3. Game:
    1. Put the kids in groups. 
    2. Give each group a piece of paper and a season. 
    3. Have the students draw people and dress them for the season. 
    4. Students will label the clothing they drew.
    5. Students will come forward as a group and explain their season, how they dressed their people, and why. 
    6. Repeat: You can do a few rounds of this, giving different seasons to different groups.
  4. End the class with prayer.