INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 1 – Lesson 21 for Teachers


THEME: The House

VOCABULARY: bathroom, bedroom, house, apartment, kitchen, sink, living room, dining room, refrigerator, bed, closet, dresser, table, sofa,


  1. Review the Vocabulary Words .
  2. Play the Ball Toss Game.
    1. Say a word in English
    2. When a student knows the word in Spanish they raise their hand.
    3. You toss them the ball, and they say the word in Spanish and toss the ball back to you.
    4. Continue until you have repeated all the words a few times. 
  3. Give the students paper, and have them draw their own house (real house or a house they would like to have) and label what is in their house. 
  4. Share the pictures with the class. 
  5. End the class with prayer.