BEGINNGER LEVEL 1: Lesson 38 for Teachers


VOCABULARY: breath, move, waves of mercy, waves of grace, captured 


  1. Review what you have learned about the Father’s love.
    • Who loves us? (God)
    • Is his love conditional or unconditional? (Unconditional, meaning God loves us no matter what. Even if we leave Him for a while and come back to Him, He will always be waiting for us.)
  2. Listen to the song and watch the video: Every Move I Make

    This version already has the dance done for you. Listen and watch the moves, and discuss the meaning behind the song. Ask some questions. Play two or three more times and do the moves.

  3. Rock painting: Have each student bring a rock to class. Ask the students for a message of hope from God, and have them paint it on their rock.
  4. Have a student pray in English.