BEGINNER LEVEL 2 – Lesson 7 for Students


VOCABULARY: widow, heal, sick, dead, surprised, praise 

STORY: There is a good man named Jesus. He walks around the world preaching and performing miracles. He is a good man and helps a lot of people. He has helped blind men see. He has provided many with food, and he helps heal the sick. One day He was walking through a town when he saw people carrying out a young man. The young man was the son of a widow. The widow was very sad because this young man was her only son. When Jesus arrived the young man was already dead. Jesus told the widow not to cry. He went up to the young man and told him to get up. The young man stood up and began to talk. The young man stood up! No one could believe it. Everyone was super surprised. Everyone began to praise God. Word of what the Lord had done began to spread around the country. 


  1. Review the Vocabulary Words
  2. Write them down and draw a picture for each. 
  3. Listen to Audio 1 as you read the story.
  4. Listen to Audio 2 – Story with Questions as you read through the story and answer the questions.
  5. Think about the main points in the story:
    1. Who did Jesus encounter?
    2. What did Jesus do?
    3. What happened after this event?
  6. Map out what happened in the story.
What happened 1st 2nd?                   3rd?                  
4th 5th 6th

7. End class in prayer