BEGINNER LEVEL 2 – Lesson 2 for Students


THEME: Healings and Miracles

VOCABULARY: miracles, provide, prayed, believe, neighbor 

STORY: There are a young boy and a young girl. Their names are Maria and Jose. Maria is 6 years old and Jose is 7 years old.  They are brother and sister. They live with their mom and dad. Their mom and dad work a lot but they do not have a lot of food. One day their teacher was telling them a story about how God can provide us with whatever we need. Their teacher said that when we ask God for things and believe that He will provide for us, miracles can happen. Maria and Jose went home and decided to pray for food. They thought that if God can do miracles, he can bring them food. Maria and Jose spent that night asking God to send them food. They prayed for food for the whole family. They asked God to help their family and to help take care of them. The next day they went to school. They told their teacher how they had prayed for the Lord to help them. When they got home from school they could not believe it. Their mom said that a neighbor had bought too much rice and gave the extra to them. Maria and Jose knew that their prayers had been answered. They continued to pray every night. Every day a new miracle occurred and they were provided with more food. Maria and Jose knew that they were loved by a God that performs many miracles.


  1. Review the Vocabulary Words. Have the students write and draw a picture for each vocabulary word.
  2. Listen to Audio 1 as you read through the story.
  3. Listen to Audio 2 – Story with Questions as you read through the story and answer the questions.
  4. Review the main points of the story: 
    • Who performs miracles?
    • Is there anything too big or too small for God? 
    • What were Maria and Jose asking for? 
    • Did the Lord provide for them? 
    • Do you believe the Lord can provide for you? 
    • What miracle can you be praying for?

5. End class in prayer.