BEGINNER LEVEL 1: Lesson 39 for Teachers



  1. Listen to the Instructions.
  2. Review with the children everything they have learned.  
    • What is your name? 
    • How old are you? 
    • Who is part of your family?  
    • Who loves us?  
    • What does God help us do?
    • Who is our shepherd, etc… 
  3. The teacher presents his or her own presentation: On a big piece of paper include your name, age, pictures or drawings about yourself, and pictures or drawings about things you have learned so far in class. Present it to the students and ask questions about the presentation as you go, just as you do for a story. 
  4. Explain that the students are going to make their own presentations, similar to yours. They must present what they have learned in Level One. They can draw pictures, write words, etc. Give each student a large piece of paper or posterboard and let them create. Tell them not to rush because they will have another day to work on it as well. The idea is to use their poster to speak in English in front of the class just as you have done. (THIS WILL ALLOW YOU TO SEE HOW FAR THEY HAVE COME IN ENGLISH!)
  5. Have a student pray in English.