BEGINNER LEVEL 1: Lesson 35 for Teachers


VOCABULARY: Breath, move, waves of mercy, waves of grace, captured


  1. Review the vocabulary
  2. Review what you have learned about the father’s love. 
    • Who loves us? (God)
    • Is His love conditional or unconditional? (Unconditional, meaning God loves us no matter what. Even if we leave him for a while and come back to him, He will always be waiting for us.)
  3. Listen to the song, Every Move I Make. This version already has the dance done for you. Listen and watch the moves once, and discuss the meaning behind the song. Ask some questions. Play the song two or three more times, and do the moves along with it. 
  4. Play “Musical Chairs” with the song.
    • Have each student sit in a circle on a chair, then have them all stand up. Remove one chair. 
    • Play the song and have the students walk in a circle. Stop the song after 15-20 second and tell the students to find a seat.  
    • The student who doesn’t find a seat sits in the middle. Remove another chair and play again. 
    • Continue with many rounds, each time removing one or two chairs depending on how many students in the class. As students get “out,” have them sit in the middle.
    • Continue playing until only one student is left. This student is the winner.
    • You can play the game several times.
  5. Have a student pray in English.