BEGINNER LEVEL 1: Lesson 32 for Teachers


VOCABULARY: conditional, unconditional (unconditional means that God loves us no matter what. Even if we leave him for a while and come back to him, He will always be waiting for us.) 


  1. Review what we have been learning about the Father’s love.
    • Who loves us? (God) 
    • Is his love conditional or unconditional? (Unconditional) 
  2. Create a flipbook: The idea is that each student writes the title at the top. Then under it, they write each way God loves them, and they draw a picture to match.
  3. Listen to the Directions:
  4. Take some time to make a craft about how God loves us.
  5. Use the Template and write the five ways that God loves us, and draw a picture for each.
    • God never changes.
    • He cares for me. 
    • He sees me.
    • He celebrates me. 
    • He loves me always.
  6. If there is extra time, play a game (Four Corners, Ball Toss, Musical Chairs, Question Game, Telephone) 
  7. Have a student pray in English.