BEGINNER LEVEL 1: Lesson 16 for Teachers


VOCABULARY: break, chain, blood


  1. Review what you have learned about God in the past few classes
    1. Why is it important to be baptized?
    2. What does it mean to be born again?
    3. Why is it important to have your own faith?
  2. Teach the vocabulary words
  3. Listen to the song “Blood” by J. Prince.
    1. Dance/Movements: Invent a dance or movements and teach them to students. Listen to the song and dance 2-3 times.
  4. Game: “Heads Up Five Up” with vocabulary words: Bring five students to the front of the room. Name each one with a vocabulary word from the past few lessons. The rest of the students close their eyes while the five students go around and each touch one person. When the five get back to the front of the room, everyone opens their eyes.
    The five people who were touched stand up and try to guess who picked them using their vocabulary words.
    When they guess correctly they trade spots. If they don’t guess correctly they sit back down.  Play several times.
  5. Have a student pray in English