BEGINNER LEVEL 1: Lesson 14 for Students


THEME: You Must be Born Again (John 3)

VOCABULARY: important, confused, understand, born again, trust

STORY: There was a man. He was an important man. His name was Nicodemus. He knows that Jesus is a great teacher and is important to God because of all of the amazing things that Jesus is doing. But Nicodemus is a bit confused. Jesus says that no one can enter the kingdom of Heaven without being born again. Nicodemus does not understand how someone can be born two times. But God is not telling us that we have to be born again from our mothers.  Jesus is telling Nicodemus and the rest of us that it is important for us to be born again through baptism and through God’s spirit. After Nicodemus hears this he is still confused and still does not understand. But how is this possible? Jesus agrees that it is pretty mysterious but we do not have to fully understand how God works because Jesus does. And if Jesus knows how God works we can trust in Him. 


  1. Review the vocabulary words. Listen to the Vocabulary File for pronunciation. Look up the meaning of any words you don’t know.
  2. Listen to Audio 1 as you read through the story.
  3. Listen to Audio 2 – Story with Questions as you read through the story and answer the questions.
  4. Think about baptism and receiving the Holy Spirit.  Think about what each of them is and how they play into faith.  
  5. Grab a toilet paper roll and some colored paper, or white paper and crayons, and create your own Jesus puppet. Think about how Jesus died for you.
  6. End class with prayer.