ADVANCED LEVEL 2: Lesson 20 for Students



VOCABULARY: profound, delivered, provided, preach, randomly, message

STORY: There is a young woman. Her name is Ellie. When Ellie was in her 20’s she had an experience with the Holy Spirit. The experience was so profound that it changed her life forever. One day she was sitting in church when she heard a lady preaching. For some reason, the message really spoke to her. She loved the message the lady was giving and the way she delivered it. That day she really wanted to meet this lady but it was not possible. The lady was from another country and was already leaving. A few months later the lady was at the church preaching again. Ellie couldn’t believe it. She randomly said out loud to her friend that she would one day love to sit down with this lady and have coffee. A few days later Ellie received a phone call that the lady was looking for her because she had a message to give her. Ellie couldn’t believe it! She knew the Lord had been listening and provided a way!  Ellie was able to meet up with the lady, who had a word for her from the Lord. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing! The lady was sharing so much about Ellie that only the Lord could have known. She knew this was the Holy Spirit speaking through her.  This experience changed her life. Ellie never knew that the Lord could speak so clearly to her through other people.  After that day she became more sensitive to the Lord and was able to experience the Holy Spirit on a whole new level. 


  1. Review the vocabulary words. Listen to the Vocabulary File for pronunciation. Look up the meaning of any words you don’t know.
  2. Listen to Audio 1 as you read through the story.
  3. Listen to Audio 2 – Story with Questions as you read through the story and answer the questions.
  4. Answer the following questions:
    • Who is the Holy Spirit?
    • How can the Holy Spirit help us? 
    • How can we hear from the Holy Spirit? 
    • Have you heard from the Holy Spirit before? 
    • How has the Holy Spirit shown up for you?
  5. End the class with prayer.