ADVANCED LEVEL 2 – Lesson 10 for Teachers


THEME: Review of ADVANCED LEVEL 2: Lessons 1-9


  1. Today will be a conversation class. It is also important to be able to talk when asked questions. Spend the class answering and asking questions. Have the students take some time to come up with their own questions.
  2. Have the students review Lessons 1-9 by asking each other questions, and have everyone answer them:
    • Introduce yourself and describe your family
    • What do you like to do in your free time? 
    • What do you like?
    • What do you dislike?
    • What will you do this weekend? 
    • What did you do last weekend? 
    • Who helps us through struggles? 
    • What does it mean to hear from the Lord? 
  3. End class with prayer.